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Welcome to the new Lake Hopatcong News website

by Karen Fucito
by Karen Fucito

What a winter.

The snow, the cold, the winter 2014 issue of Lake Hopatcong News (which can be found at more than 150 locations around the area) and, oh yes, the new website. It’s been a busy winter.

Most New Jerseyans are at the point now where they’re all ready to pack it in and head south to the sunshine and warm weather. Or, they’re pining for the heat and the sun that’s on its way, just around the corner, but not quite within reach.

Not me. I must admit, I kind of like the winter we’re having. Don’t get me wrong, the driveway was the skinniest it’s ever been and we’ve spent a fortune getting it plowed. And even though the snow banks were almost taller than the two neighborhood boys who help me shovel everything else around the yard, they are still pretty much solid ice and not going away anytime soon. It has been a prosperous winter for my plow guy and the two boys.

I believe that if you live in our area though, this is the kind of winter you wish for. The lakes are frozen. There’s snow on the ground. (I’ve always said if there are no leaves on the trees then I want snow on the ground.) People aren’t hiding indoors.

The frozen lakes in our area have been a bustle of activity; skaters, skiers, snowmobilers, ice fishermen and even those crazy people who strip down to their skivvies and knowingly consent to a dip in Lake Hopatcong. (See, “Leap in the Lake shatters ice—and fundraising records”)

And I, like many others, have taken full advantage of this wonderful winter. No, I was not one of the leapers but along with my dog Riley and some friends, have been snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and hiking at Mahlon Dickerson, when one day, I met a guy who was on his third hour of just walking in the woods. I’ve also taken walks on Lake Hopatcong. And I’ve visited with the ice fishermen on Lake Shawnee and Lake Hopatcong. (See, “Frozen tundra, where the fishing is fine”) Scan the horizon on either lake on any given day and it looks like little ants scattered around a picnic blanket hunting for food. These men and women think they will be out there until April.

It doesn’t have to be the middle of July to discuss the issue of the water level in Lake Hopatcong. It’s always a hot topic and reporter Mike Daigle takes a look at what the impact of the 60-inch drawdown has had on homeowners and businesses around the lake. (See, “Fingers Crossed: Lake on target to refill”)

When you finish reading these stories please take a moment to poke around the new website. There are many new features to discover including the expanded Calendar of Events, the Classified section and the Coupons link. And, I’m especially excited about the new Send Us Your Photos feature, our online photo contest, which will run concurrent with the four seasons. One winner each season will receive a $25 gift card to a local business.

After the winter we’ve had I’m sure there are some great winter-related pictures out there and I’d like to be able to show them off to our readers, so please send me your photos!

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