In Right Field 1

Well Mahojm_5_16_11niacs, we had a GREAT run in the “So You Wanna Be A Cartoonist?” contest! We made it through 9 out of 10 weeks but unfortunately we were eliminated!  I just want to thank you all so very much for taking the time to vote for me.  It was a great experience and I got a LOT of exposure and, upon being eliminated, I was given some great criticism from the panel of judges.  For the next few weeks I will be using their critique to further develop the strip into a better product.  I think it’s better for me to rip the bandage off in one swipe, make some major changes right away, instead of gradually evolve the strip 1 week at a time.   Upon my return I hope to have an improved product for you.  You’ll see some new faces, but you will still see the familiar faces you have grown to love every Wednesay for the past few years.  Thank you all!  Mahonifest Destiny!

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