Swedish Cargo: UN Delegation Tours Hopatcong

On Friday, September 10, the Swedish Ambassador to the United States and members of his staff were given a tour of Lake Hopatcong.

Ambassador Marten Grunditz and approximately 35 members, delegates, and professional diplomats of the Swedish Permanent Representation to the United Nations enjoyed a luncheon at Pavinci’s before their tour.

Ron Sorensen, owner of Lake Hopatcong Marine and San Bar Marina, provided four pontoon boats for the outing. Sorensen and his staff skippered the caravan of boats carrying the friendly, eager group as they made their way around the lake.

The purpose of their visit to the lake was to conduct their department’s annual autumn planning meeting, where they brainstorm new ideas, map activities, and revise programs. According to the ambassador, another purpose of the outing is for the staff to get away from the office and get to know each other better.

Many of the 35 delegates are fairly new to the tri-state area. Having recently been reassigned in the New York City office, Ambassador Grunditz requested a meeting location that was within driving distance of Manhattan and the surrounding communities his staff resided in.

“My only stipulation for the location of our event was that it was outside and scenic and preferably on a lake or the ocean. Other than that I did not know exactly where we were going,” said Ambassador Grunditz. “I am very happy with Lake Hopatcong. I love to fish and this lake reminds me very much of my former home, which was Greece for six years. This was a great choice.”

The ambassador himself has only been working in Manhattan for the last eight weeks and, like his staff, is busy getting acclimated to new surroundings.

“It’s great to know that Lake Hopatcong is so close. It’s very important for the staff to know a place like this is available to them to enjoy,” said Ambassador Grunditz. “I know I will definitely be returning here with my wife.”


Swedish Ambassador to the U.S. Marten Grunditz shakes hands with Ron Sorensen before heading out for a tour of Lake Hopatcong with 35 of his staff from the UN.



Swedish Ambassador Marten Grunditz poses with some UN staff delegates and diplomats after a luncheon at Pavinci’s restaurant. The group of 35 held an annual planning meeting at the restaurant.


The Swedish delegates and professional diplomats from the Manhattan United Nations office board one of the four pontoon boats provided and skippered by Ron Sorensen, owner of Lake Hopatcong Marine and San Bar Marina, for a tour of the lake.



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