Making Landing more beautiful… one flower (and flag) at a time

For the last several years, those who drive along the southern edge of the lake have enjoyed nicely lined flower boxes along the lakeside fence and flower pots along the median, as well as American flags waving in the breeze.

Those touches of beauty come thanks to the annual “Let’s Beautify Landing” effort, which takes place each spring and brings together dozens of volunteers, including local Boy and Girl Scouts, who prepared the planters last Friday night, and a collection of local residents, who gathered bright and early on Saturday morning to put those planters in their proper place.

“Let’s Beautify Landing” has been successful year after year thanks to the efforts of organizers Mary-Beth Boughton and Christine Houtz. “It’s become routine for us, and everybody in the area seems to look forward to seeing the flowers,” Houtz said of the effort. “We’ve got a great group that takes part in making it happen.”

Susan Sher and Cyndi Deermount assist Mary Beth Broughton in beautifying Landing.




Donna Macalle-Holly and Roland Boughton begin work on the bridge.



John Deermount adds the patriotic touch.



Former Coast Guard member Jeff Bull secures the flower pots.



                                   Heavy lifters, John Melicharek and Dan Benfield.



Volunteers Susan Sher, Cyndi Deermount, Mary Beth Boughton, Pat Bull, Chris Houtz and John Deermount.SONY DSC

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