Part-Time Employee at Lake Hopatcong Golf Club

Lake Hopatcong Golf Club is looking for motivated individuals to work part-time for the mini-golf course.

The position would begin prior to our opening in May 2020!

What is expected of a Lake Hopatcong Golf Club Employee:

  • Warm, friendly, clean and welcoming atmosphere
    • Greet each customer, smile and chit chat as you work
  • Comfortable and professional transactions
    • Stay even-tempered, be thoughtful in all that you do
  • Dependable service and products
    • Cleanliness of equipment, inventory management and knowledge of how our equipment works
  • Service beyond expectations and go ‘the extra mile’
    • Make inventory suggestions, give tutorials, motivate those who are discouraged
  • Responsive to customers’ needs
    • Listen, think, react
  • Communicate freely
    • Speak freely with managers & customers
    • Follow up and take ownership of conversations you have had
  • Informed employee
    • Know what we carry
    • Be familiar with other businesses on the lake

Job responsibilities are included but not limited to: 

sales, cleaning, & possible tour guiding (for LHAC)

Follow this link to apply – click here!

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