Food Runner at The Windlass


Food Runners often act as a connection between the FOH and BOH which makes an impact in the timeliness of service. The main responsibility for this position is to deliver food to guests in a friendly, professional & knowledgeable manner. The ability to work well under pressure, be professional, efficient, detail-oriented, and courteous is necessary. Food Runners eliminate a lot of stress and discord by communicating information between the kitchen or Expo and servers, and delivering food orders promptly.

Job responsibilities are included but not limited to: 

– Help prepare the expo station for service through cleaning, stocking, and other tasks

– Assist with cleaning and resetting tables, ensure tables are level, wipe down chairs, keep floors clean

– Clean and stock designated kitchen and server stations

– Knowledge of all the ingredient details of every dish on the menu

– Knowing table numbers, seat numbers and service stations

– Follow all instructions from expeditor

– Garnish and prepare dishes for presentation as needed

– Promptly deliver each course as it is prepared to the correct table and in seat order

– Communicate clearly any additional orders or needs the guests may have to server or expeditor

– Remove dirty dishes, glasses and silverware from tables and take them to the kitchen

– Maintain short pleasant rapport with guests and answer any questions or listen to their concerns

– Assist in maintaining general cleanliness of the entire restaurant

*Restaurant experience is preferred but not required.

*Must be 16 or older and have weekend and occasional holiday availability*

Full and part-time positions available.

Follow this link to apply – click here!

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