Expeditor at The Windlass


The Expeditor, or “Expo”, works under the FOH manager on duty and chef’s supervision in the kitchen as well as with the servers in the dining room. The Expo helps keep a smooth workflow between the kitchen and the tables. You will work in a fast-paced environment to get proper orders out faster and more efficiently. As Expo, you must have excellent communication skills and experience in a restaurant’s hectic setting. You must also have enough stamina to be in constant motion and skills to coordinate and organize processes and people. The ability to work well under pressure, be professional, efficient, detail-oriented, and courteous is necessary.

Job responsibilities are included but not limited to: 

– Help prepare the expo station for service through cleaning, stocking, and other tasks

– Knowing table numbers, seat numbers and service stations

– Knowledge of all the ingredient details of every dish on the menu

– Ensuring the efficient flow of orders from the servers to the kitchen

– Ensuring orders are being prepared with the correct priority

– Assisting in the final preparation of dishes

– Check dishes before delivery for accuracy, presentation and temperature

– Eliminate obstacles in service, food preparation lines or dishwashing

– Inspect the premises according to quality and sanitation standards and assist in cleaning

– Transfer important information between the kitchen and the wait staff (e.g. when a customer has a particular request)

– Deliver orders to maintain fast service

– Maintain short pleasant rapport with guests and answer any questions or listen to their concerns

– Support other tasks as needed

Restaurant experience is preferred but not required. Must be 16 years or older, and have weekend & occasional holiday availability.

Full time & part time positions available.

Follow this link to apply – click here!

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