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Then and Now: The Parkside

It’s still a regular pit stop for local folks to grab a bite to eat, but the Parkside has a long history in Hopatcong as a community meeting-and-eating spot.

Then: Located on the corner of Hopatcong Road and Chincopee Avenue in Hopatcong, Anson’s store opened around 1910.  Anson’s later became Nan Pratt’s, a Hopatcong favorite from the 1950s through the 1970s.  In 1960, the Hopatcong Post Office was built next door.



Now: The Post Office moved to larger space up the street in the 1970s and the brick structure was demolished a few years thereafter.  In recent years, the former Nan Pratt’s evolved from a grocery store to a delicatessen/restaurant and is now the Parkside.




These and dozens of other "Then and Now" images and stories are available in an updated version of Lake Hopatcong: Then and Now by Marty Kane, president of the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum. Purchase that and other lake-related history books here on the museum’s website. And see hundreds of photos and other historical paraphernalia at the museum, which is located in Hopatcong State Park.


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  1. John Winstanley
    John Winstanley at |

    My family used to vacation at Lake Hopatcong in the mid-50’s to the early 60’s. The house was called the “Green Shutters”, located on Hudson Avenue. I was born in ’55 but I clearly remember Nan Pratt’s, The Cat and The Fiddle and a picnic area I knew only as “The Pavillion”. My Mom and Dad got us 1 week out of Jersey City into the country. Thanks Mom, Dad and Lake Hopatcong for a good time and GREAT MEMORIES!!!!!!!!


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