Survivors from Another Era, lake Hopatcong Museum Photo

Survivors From Another Era

Ready story by Marty Kane from the Labor Day Issue in 2013.


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  1. Mrs. Doris E. Lowry nee Hamilton/Dahlinger
    Mrs. Doris E. Lowry nee Hamilton/Dahlinger at |

    I spent e very summer from the time I was born, 1941, till I got married in 1960 at Bryan Bay near Bear Pond and it is the happiest time of my life. Now near 80 I think back and remember all the good times and happy years we all had. remember the Nickel Ferry on Monday nights that would stop by our dock to take us to Bertram’s Island. Monday was Nickel Night! The first motor boats and trying to swim across the beautiful lake!!! Great times and I’m sorry the kids nowadays don’t have such wonderful safe times. thanks for the momories!!!!


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