Tulsa Trail Author Visit: We Count!

On Thursday, May 30th, Tulsa Trail had its annual Author Visit proudly funded by a Project PRIDE Grant through the Hopatcong Education Association and HEPTO.

Alison Ashley Formento held assemblies for the students to discuss her books and the environmental importance that her books portray.  She engaged the students throughout the assemblies by having many student volunteers come to the front to use props to demonstrate important parts of nature.

Before Mrs. Formento’s visit, students read her books This Tree Count, These Seas Count, These Rocks Count, and These Bees Count and studied topics her books are based on.  They then displayed their knowledge of these topics by creating bulletin boards (see photos below).  Mrs. Formento was amazed at the students’ knowledge of these topics, as well as the depths of their questions at the end of the assemblies.

At the end of the assemblies, Mrs. Formento had the students chant, “Trees count, seas count, rocks rock, and WE count!”

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