Saint Clare’s Training Center Visits Durban Avenue School

On June 13, 2019  students involved in Durban Avenue School’s Gifted and Talented program had an opportunity to learn how to make an effective 911 call, gain an introduction to CPR, and discuss hospital based careers that do not involve direct patient contact. The idea for this workshop arose from a discussion with the fifth grade G&T group who wanted to learn about first aid and helping others. Students learned what to do if they found someone unresponsive, what to expect during a 911 call, the importance of learning CPR, and the importance of recognizing the location of an AED.  Each student had the opportunity to practice CPR on a training mannequin which was connected to an iPad that monitored compression depth and timing. Lastly, students received a brief introduction to some of the non-patient care careers in the hospital such as Information technology, food service, medical records, accounting, facilities and maintenance, etc. Many thanks to Mrs. Christina Munoz, Gifted and Talented teacher for arranging this workshop and to Mr. John Krsulic from St. Clare’s Training Center for volunteering his time to bring this valuable information to our students.

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