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Lake Hopatcong resident receives driving award

The New Jersey Motor Truck Association’s Driver of the Year is Jack Hansen, of Carbon Express. The Driver of the Year is awarded to a professional truck driver dis- playing the highest degree of professionalism, safety and courtesy in performing their job and representing the trucking industry. The award was presented at a dinner on Saturday, June 21st at the Hotel Somerset-Bridgewater, following the 60th Annual Truck Driving Championships.

Jack has been driving for over 40 years and has driven over three million miles. He started working at Carbon Express in 2003 and 11 years later at the age of 74 he still enjoys his work.

According to his Director of Safety, “He is old school. Jack grew up in Holland and at 16 years old he was already working in the Merchant Marines. He also did two years in the Dutch Army. His last destination in the Merchant Marines was in New York harbor where at the age of 26, he jumped ship to stay in America. He started the process to remain in the US, but part of the requirements has him going back to Holland. So at 27 years old he went back to Holland and went to school to get his commercial driver’s license.”

In October Jack will receive a well-deserved three million mile safe driving award from Carbon Express.

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