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Fishing Report 10/13/2014

Sad to say, there was a very low turnout for Knee Deep Club’s King of the Lake Contest.

With only 9 entrants, Jack Dziduch was able to keep his crown for the 4th year in a row with 20 points. Pete Rathjens placed 2nd with 11 points and Mike Truglio was 3rd with 11 points also. Some of Jack’s winning fish included a channel cat weighing 12 lb 14 oz, and a 3 lb 1 oz walleye, along with some smaller panfish and a pickerel and bass. Pete Rathjens had a largemouth weighing 3 lb 8 oz and a pickerel weighing 2 lb 11 oz along with some other smaller panfish. Mike Truglio had a largemouth bass weighing 1 lb 8 oz along with some perch and crappie to get his points.

Other fish not in the contest making it to the scale included several nice walleye, a 8 lb 7 oz caught by Wieslaw Skarzynski of Clifton and a 7 lb 3 oz fish caught by Marcin Dolegiewicz.

Also, Jack Dziduch had another channel cat weighing about 10 pounds and Alex Gofman had a channel that weighed about 5 pounds and a walleye about 3 pounds.

Changes are coming for some of Knee Deep’s contest in the next year.

Dow’s Boat Rentals will be open with boat rentals until about the middle of November.

Have a great week…

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